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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a POS

Buying Your POS Hardware First: Most POS software packages have certain hardware requirements and a specific operating system on which they run. When you purchase the hardware first, you limit your software options, and are forced to pick retail software that fits your hardware instead of the needs of your retail store. Buying everything from the same technology vendor can help eliminate compatibility issues and will often reduce your overall costs.

Buying a System Based Solely on Price: While the least expensive retail system may seem to be a good choice financially, it often comes with hidden costs such as additional features, tech support, supplemental services, installation, and overall inefficiency which can greatly increase your total cost of ownership. While you shouldn't ignore price when selecting your system, it should not be the most important factor either.

Not Enough Research: You and your managers should sit down and decide which features your store needs before even beginning your search. There are literally hundreds of point of sale systems available, so researching which ones fit your needs and your budget can dramatically help narrow your choices.

Only Researching Retail POS Systems within Your Industry: Make sure you research general retail software packages as well as those specific to your industry. Many times, a general retail software package can do everything that industry-specific software can do, plus a whole lot more. Don't lock yourself into an industry-specific software package that can't handle all of your basic retail needs.

Not Relying on limited resources for Advice: When it comes to understanding the specific needs of your industry, you can rely on ACI's expertise. We'll work with your business to determine what retail point of sale system works for you and which systems to avoid. Some resources only focus on the technological aspects of your system needs. ACI considers your business needs, growth for the future, and we also consult other associates in the industry regarding a solution that will work best for your business.

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Are you considering a Point of Sale system, but are wondering if the cost can be justified? If you consider the capabilities of many modern POS systems, you should be wondering how you've been running your business so long without having one.

Point of Sale systems can help you stay on top of business with instant reports on sales, customers and inventory trends. It can save time managing your inventory - with a POS System your inventory is automatically updated with every sale, order and return. Work more efficiently from printing price tags to automatically creating purchase orders, and keep customers coming back with loyalty programs, gift cards, and personalized reminders.

Contact ACI to help you select and implement a Point of Sale system for your business today. Just call 970.470.3360 for more information.

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