Green Computing

Protecting our Earth is now a big priority for many people and businesses, which means we are changing our lifestyles to do everything we can to help preserve our planet for future generations. Instead of throwing a laptop in the trash simply because it is no longer considered to be up-to-date, more people are turning to "refurbishing" or recycling as an environmentally sound option.

Recycling can be done in a number of ways, selling the laptop for spares, donating it to charities that supply third world countries or by selling it to a refurbishing company. Many small local computer shops and refurbishing companies will offer you money for old laptops, whether they function or not, and then refurbish them and put them back into the marketplace.

During refurbishing, a laptop is fully wiped clean of all and software and personal data. This not only protects the previous owner from having any information stolen but also ensures the system is totally clean of any viruses or issues that could keep it from functioning properly. The hardware is then tested to make sure that all of the components are functional and still have a good life left in them. Any worn out parts are replaced with new ones and fresh versions of the operating system and all the software including required drivers, anti-virus programs and such are then re-installed on the laptop, returning it to the same state as when it was first sent out of the factory.

Refurbished laptops offer several benefits over buying a new model. For starters, there is the huge savings you can make on the price. Aside from some cosmetic marks that wont effect operation, you can save up to 50% versus retail prices. The second benefit is the huge impact on the environment. Manufacturing new laptops produces a lot of harmful gases and toxins during the manufacturing process that can damage our environment. The refurbished option means 1 less new laptop being manufactured and 1 less old laptop sitting in the trash.


Here's what some of our customers had to say...

"Our business has been using Earl for over 5 years. We could not be happier with his professionalism and prompt service. Earl’s knowledge of the networking and computer industry is invaluable. His conscientiousness sets him apart and he is our chosen network technician for our business needs."
-Jeff R. Klos, Ski Village Resorts,LLC

"Earl Hartman, the owner of ACI has been such a huge help with our computer network. Our computer systems are running faster and more trouble free than ever since our partnership with ACI."
-Zachary Ray, Golf Professional.

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